Beta-testing a "Drosophila Protocols Portal"

June 16, 2016
Search results for the term oogenesis at the Drosophila protocols portal

The DRSC-FGR has developed a beta version of a database and online search for protocols, the Drosophila Protocols Portal, relevant to Drosophila research. The goal is to provide a central portal for protocols distributed across the web. We collected protocols from protocol databases, lab websites, YouTube, Drosophila Information Service (DIS), and relevant journals. You can view the results by topic or search for specific terms.

Longer-term goals include:

  • add vote up/down option
  • add user comments
  • add ability for you to deposit a protocol (e.g. submit the URL for a lab website protocol we've missed)
  • auto-import of relevant papers from PubMed to keep the published papers up-to-date

Your input it needed! Is this a relevant resource? How can it be improved? Please share feedback using our online software bug report form.

With thanks to Aram Comjean, software developer at DRSC-FGR, and Beverly Matthews at FlyBase.