This tool provides access to a pre-computed database of short guide RNAs (gRNAs) for CRISPR approaches in Drosophila. The gRNAs are appropriate for CRISPR applications using S. pyogenes Cas9 (PAM sequence of NGG or NAG). You can view and filter gRNAs in the context of a GBrowse genome browser.



3.0 (includes auto ID update)


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Please visit the Find CRISPRs documentation page.

Additional Resources

You might also be interested in our CRISPR gRNA efficiency predictor tool, which can be used with gRNAs designed using our own or other CRISPR design algorithms. We recommend visiting the FlyBase resources wiki, the CRISPR fly design website (F. Port), and the flyCRISPR website, for general information on CRISPR applications in Drosophila.

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