in vivo CRISPR fly stocks

The TRiP-CRISPR project aims to build genome scale collections of transgenic sgRNA fly lines, providing powerful, versatile and transformative tools for the fly community. For a detailed description of the the TRiP in vivo CRISPR approach click here.

TRiP-CRISPR fly stock collections

Community Access to TRiP-CRISPR Stocks

The TRiP-CRISPR project leverages the existing transgenic RNAi platform to produce the stocks, making them available at the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center (BDSC), and curating information on the quality of reagents via the DRSC/TRiP website. As we build the new CRISPR collection, we will encourage and receive gene target nominations from the community.

  • All completed stocks are annotated on the DRSC/TRiP website and on FlyBase, and transferred as soon as possible to the BDSC for distribution to the community
  • If a TRiP-CRISPR stock has not yet been deposited at the BDSC, please contact the TRiP facility at HMS and we will send it to you
  • If use of any of the TRiP-CRISPR stocks results in data that is included in a manuscript for publication, the TRiP requests that a version of the following statement be included in the Acknowledgements section: "We thank the TRiP at Harvard Medical School (NIH/NIGMS R01-GM084947) for providing transgenic sgRNA fly stocks used in this study"

Nominating genes for TRiP-CRISPR production

  • Nominate genes for TRiP-OE and TRiP-KO production via the DRSC/TRiP sgRNA Stock Tracking System
  • We will meet the needs of the Drosophila community for in vivo phenotypic analyses
  • We will meet the needs of screeners at the Drosophila RNAi Screening Center (DRSC) for in vivo follow-up studies subsequent to cell-based screens