RNAi rescue reagents

RNAi rescue provides a test for on-target specificity of an RNAi reagent. With RNAi rescue, activity of the presumed target gene is provided via a transgene that provides wildtype function but is not recognized by the RNAi reagent (mutant or different in nucleotide sequence in the target region).

For Drosophila, RNAi rescue can be achieved using a cross-species approach. Related Drosophila species sit in a 'sweet spot' for some D. melanogaster genes, in which function is conserved but the nucleotide sequence is divergent enough that the non-D. mel species transcripts evade RNAi.

DRSC-FGR has a D. persimilis clone collection available for an RNAi rescue approach. Use our online portal to identify appropriate clones in the D. persimilis collection, as well as in D. virilis and D. psuedoobscura collections available from other resource centers.

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