Cell RNAi libraries

We have an extensive collection of DNA templates for production of double stranded RNA (dsRNA) via in vitro transcription, as well as many assay-ready libraries for RNAi screening of Drosophila cells using dsRNAs.

Reagents and libraries include

  • DRSC 2.0 genome-wide screening library
  • Focused sub-libraries, including kinases and phosphatases; transcription factors; RNA binding proteins; transmembrane domain-containing proteins; ubiquitin-related genes; and more
  • approximately 3-fold coverage of fly genes with templates for dsRNA synthesis, available by request (small or large 'cherry-pick' requests) and used for building additional custom or ready-made dsRNA libraries (one or more 96-well plate of a custom selection of dsRNAs)

Please visit a specific page for more information or place a request for a cherry-pick, custom synthesis (96-well format), focused library, or genome-wide library online at our DRSC-FGR PPMS online ordering and instrument signup system.

liquid handling robotics is used for cherry pick and library production