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sgRNA tracking

The TRiP is now taking nominations for CRISPR stocks

May 12, 2017

The TRiP is excited to announce our new TRiP-CRISPR transgenic fly libraries for gene knockout and overexpression. Visit the sgRNA tracking site to download and search existing TRiP-CRISPR fly stocks by gene or stock ID to obtain information on sgRNA sequence, function, vector, injection site, and availablility.

The database also has a nominations page that serves as the online access point for the public to nominate genes for eith… Read more about The TRiP is now taking nominations for CRISPR stocks

Screenshot of a 2015 Science paper from Payre and colleagues

Francois Payre's plenary talk at ADRC 2017 features results from DRSC cell-based screen

March 30, 2017

Those of us lucky enough to be at the Annual Drosophila Research Conference this morning saw a great talk by Francois Payre about regulation of Shavenbaby by small ORFs. A genome-wide cell-based screen done at the DRSC by Emilie Benrabah identified the mechanism of regulation. As this exemplifies, cell screens can help identify key pathways and factors that can then be followed up with in vivo studies.