The TRiP is now taking nominations for CRISPR stocks

May 12, 2017
sgRNA tracking

The TRiP is excited to announce our new TRiP-CRISPR transgenic fly libraries for gene knockout and overexpression. Visit the sgRNA tracking site to download and search existing TRiP-CRISPR fly stocks by gene or stock ID to obtain information on sgRNA sequence, function, vector, injection site, and availablility.

The database also has a nominations page that serves as the online access point for the public to nominate genes for eith knockout (TRiP-KO) or overexpression (TRiP-OE) transgenic sgRNA libraries.

As with TRiP-RNAi lines, all TRiP-CRISPR stocks undergo rigorous quality control at our facility at HMS, before being shipped to the BDSC for distribution.