TRiP-CRISPR Knockout (TRiP-KO)

For target gene mutagenesis

  • Generate indels (small insertion or deletion mutations) in the soma by crossing to tissue-specific Gal4>Cas9 flies
  • Generate indels in the germline by crossing to germline-specific-Cas9 flies
  • For a detailed description of the TRiP-KO gene mutagenesis approach click here



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About TRiP-KO stocks

  • A single gene is targeted by expression of a single sgRNA from a U6 promoter
  • Stocks are made in the pCFD3 vector, developed by Fillip Port and colleagues (
  • Crossing TRiP KO stocks to a Gal4 line expressing Cas9 induces cleavage of the target gene and mutagenesis via Non-Homologous End Joining (NHEJ) repair
  • To learn more about the TRiP KO vectors, sgRNA design, and CRISPR mutagenesis please visit the in vivo CRISPR protocols page
  • For the benefit of the research community, production of TRiP-KO stocks is coordinated with similar efforts at the German Cancer Research Center ( and The National Institute of Genetics, Japan (