Utility Tools

Here we list 'utility' tools designed to help you search and download in batch modes and perform common processing steps.

Batch query of amplicon sequences. With this tool, you can batch-query and download the sequences of DRSC amplicons (that is, the PCR template sequences used to make dsRNAs for cell-based screening).

Link to all hits (file download). Clicking on this will download a tab-delimited file of all public 'hits' (positive results) from DRSC screens.

Fosmid lookup for RNAi rescue. Find fosmid clones from other Drosophila species (D. per, D. pse, D. vir) for cross-species RNAi rescue.

TRiP fly stock batch lookup tool

Heat map tool. Create a heat map (color-coded) view of numerical data from a plate-based assay.

Plate-to-list/List-to-plate (DRSC serialize tool). This tool lets you copy-and-paste data organized (e.g. on a spreadsheet) in 96 or 384-well format and convert it to a list format, or vice versa.

Screenshot from the Plate-to-list, List-to-plate (serialize) online tool

Screen data tools:

Additional utility tools specific to management and analysis of DRSC screen data sets can be found at our FlyRNAi internal screen database.
See this page for more information about the internal database.