UAS overexpression


Why overexpress a gene?

In many cases overexpression of a gene product can produce informative mutant phenotypes. Overexpression can also provide a useful approach to epistasis assays and screening. The TRiP developed an overexpression approach to meet community needs. 

Our overexpression approach

  • is based on our previous strategy for knockdown vector design
  • includes vermilion (VALIUM) and mini-white (WALIUM) visible marker versions of VALIUM10
  • includes two different cloning strategies, 'roe' for recombination and 'moe' for multiple cloning site-containing overexpression vectors
  • the two markers and two cloning strategies result in four differen options for overxpression constructs:
    • pVALIUM10-roe, pVALIUM10-moe, pWALIUM10-roe, pWALIUM10-moe
  • to learn more visit the TRiP plasmid vector sets page
  • to obtain these vectors, visit the plasmid repository of the DF/HCC DNA Resource Core