DIOPT lets you view ortholog predictions from several tools at one time. The number of tools predicting a given ortholog pair serves as a measure of confidence in the orthology relationship. Click "alignment & scores" to view protein alignments and detailed info for a given pair.




8.5/ 9.0 (beta)


A tutorial that explains scores, ranks, and 'best' matches is available at YouTube.

Diopt Tutorial Video


Please visit the

 DIOPT documentation page. (version 8)

 DIOPT documentation page. (version 9)

Additional Resources

You might also be interested in our DIOPT-Diseases & Traits (DIOPT-DIST) tool, which takes ortholog matches to human genes a step further, asking if those human genes have been associated with human diseases. DIOPT-based ortholog searches are also now supported at FlyBase.

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