Cell-based RNAi

We recommend the following workflow.

  • dsRNA synthesis from DRSC reagent collection templates (PCR amplification, in vitro transcription, normalization)
  • incubation of cells with RNAi and cell-based assay

We provide protocols for 6-well and 384-well plates, with additional tips on quantities for 96-well plates (see 384-well plate protocol). Experiments may be done in other size plates, just scale up or down, and test the assay (some adjustments might be needed).

Please note that a number of factors will influence RNAi knockdown, including

  • reagent design
  • reagent quality/purity
  • reagent amount
  • cell type
  • cell density
  • cell passage number (tip: don't let cells overgrow or passage them for a long time prior to the experiment--they might stop responding to RNAi reagents)

See menu on the left-hand side of this page for links to specific protocols.

Feel free to contact us with questions about cell-based RNAi in small or large-scale studies.