On-site screens

We welcome applications for on-site cell-based and in vivo Drosophila functional genomics screens, as well as short or long research visits aimed at learning about and/or using our technologies and specialized equipment.

Support includes384-well assay plate

  • cell-based RNAi
  • cell-based CRISPR projects
  • cell-based drug screening
  • in vivo RNAi
  • in vivo drug screens
  • assay development and optimization

We operate primarily on a researcher-driven, staff-supported model. A typical visiting screener is a postdoc or grad student deeply involved in the project who learns from us specific techniques and uses our equipment to perform the large-scale screen, then returns to his or her lab for data analysis and follow-up steps. In some circumstances, we have also done projects on a contract basis (e.g. in vivo drug screening).

For both on-site and off-site screens, we provide remote support for data analysis and integration, as well as reagents, protocols and consultation on follow-up validation. We also help with screen data management, such as submission of data sets to public repositories.

Please contact the DRSC-FGR Director to inquire about screen requirements, budgeting, letters of support, assay optimization, or other topics related to getting ready for a screen. When you are ready to apply for a genome-wide cell-based RNAi screen, please visit the DRSC-FGR PPMS instrument and sign-up system to request the library, as well as to complete the associated application and data sharing forms.