FlyPrimerBank provides a resource of pre-computed primers appropriate for qPCR. The primer designs were based on the original PrimerBank algorithms as well as our own internal algorithms. Key information such as spanning of intron-exon boundaries and availability of validation data are included in search results.



1.0 (includes auto ID update)


To request a tutorial video, please make the suggestion on our bug report form. Please also visit the FlyPrimerBank documentation page, or read our paper (see below), for help with the tool.


Please visit the FlyPrimerBank documentation page.

Additional Resources

Those interested in qPCR primer designs for mouse and human genes should visit PrimerBank.

Have you used FlyPrimerBank to do qPCR and seen success (or not) with primers? Please consider submitting your feedback on primer designs. Validation data for in vivo RNAi fly stocks, including qPCR data, can be viewed and/or submitted at RSVP.

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