Nucleolar image-based screen dataset viewable online with OMERO

August 1, 2017
Screenshot of a microscope image available online at HMS OMERO

The DRSC has worked with the HMS Image Data Management Core to make a ~3 TB image fluorescence confocal screen image dataset from the screen reported in Neumuller et al. available online. And not just available--with several interaction options! At the DRSC image database for this screen, you can search by gene; then, once you click on a link to view the corresponding images, you can navigate through the Z-stack, turn on or off a channel, adjust the brightness, and so on.  

The cells were visualized using DAPI (nuclei), phalloidin (cell outline), and anti-Fibrilarin (nucleolar marker). We invite you to search for your favorite gene or genes, and view the corresponding RNAi knockdown images from the screen. Again, details about the screen are available in Neumuller et al. And to reach the images, start here.

The OMERO open microscopy platform makes this possible. Big thanks to IDMC's Jay Copeland for making this use of OMERO feasible at our insitution and doing the hard work of setting it up and also to Aram Comjean here at the DRSC for creating the DRSC Image Database interface that lets you locate images using the name of a gene (i.e. images for assay plate wells in which that gene was targeted by the RNAi reagent).

Screenshot of search page for HMS OMERO view of Neumuller et al screen image data

Screenshot of image view and adjust page at HMS OMERO database of Neumuller et al screen image data