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Find orthologs (fly, vertebrates, worm, yeast)DIOPT [info]
Find disease-related human orthologs 
(start with a gene(s) or disease term)
Find RNAi fly stocks (TRiP, VDRC, NIG-Japan)
-or- find cell-based RNAi reagents (DKFZ, DRSC)
UP-TORR [info]
Do a batch query of TRiP RNAi fly stocksTRiP Stock Lookup [info]
Check if an RNAi fly stock has a reported phenotypeRSVP [info]
Mine public fly cell RNAi screen data (DRSC)GeneLookup [info]
Mine public fly in vivo and cell RNA-seq data (modENCODE +)DGET [info]
Find qPCR primer designs for a fly gene(s)FlyPrimerBank [info]
Find short guide RNA (sgRNAs) for CRISPR applications in fliesFind CRISPRs [info]
Evaluate sgRNAs for predicted efficiency in fliesEvaluate CRISPRs [info]
Use genomic qPCR data in a high resolution melt analysisHRMA [info]
Design dsRNAs or shRNAs for fly RNAiSnapDragon [info]
View genes by list (e.g. shared pathway or domain)GLAD [info]
Look for enrichment of protein complexes in a large datasetCOMPLEAT [info]
View, build, or navigate signed or directed protein networks

SignedPPI [info]
Directed PPI [info]

Get quick overview of past DRSC fly cell RNAi screens with links to datasetsScreenSummary [info]
Search and visualize insulin signaling network dataInsulinNet [info]
Report a software bug, make a suggestion, ask a questionBug report form


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Our software tools and databases can help you

  • identify orthologs among yeasts, worm, fly, and vertebrates (e.g. DIOPT)
  • identify genes in specific functional groups (GLAD)
  • identify reagents for functional genomics (e.g. UP-TORR)
  • analyze, integrate, and visualize data (e.g. COMPLEATSignedPPI)
  • get support for applications such as qPCR or HRMA

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For more online tools relevant to the Drosophila community, we recommend visiting the FlyBase home page and the FlyBase resources wiki page. We also recommend checking out, a catalog of bioinformatics databases, and the GenomeRNAi database of RNAi screen data.