HuDis-TRiP RNAi fly stocks

Drosophila is proven model system for the study of human diseases. To facilitate modeling of human diseases in the fly, the Human Disease TRiP (HuDis-TRiP) generated RNAi fly stocks targeting high-confidence fly orthologs of human disease-associated genes.

  • the collection includes 92% coverage of 670 highest-confidence fly orthologs of highest-confidence disease-associated human genes
  • a total of more than 2,000 fly stocks targeting high-confidence fly orthologs of disease-associated human genes have been generated

Below we provide a list of high-confidence human gene-fly ortholog pairs for which there is also high-confidence evidence that the human gene is implicated in disease.

  • view a list of fly stocks in HuDis-TRiP fly collection, including stock IDs
  • click here to download list in .XLS format.
  • the disease gene relationships are from the NCBI Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man database.
  • the ortholog relationships are based on DIOPT scores (scores of 8, 9 or 10; see Hu et al. 2011 BMC Bioinformatics and
  • please note that you can find more putative fly ortholog genes (DIOPT scores of 1 or more) searching with the same disease term at DIOPT-DIST. The HuDis list is meant as a high-confidence starting off point. It is not a comprehensive list of fly gene-human disease gene relationships.
  • all of these genes have been nominated for TRiP VALIUM20 fly stock production so more lines should be available for these genes in the future. See here for further information on VALIUM vectors.
  • we have made note below of what VALIUM20 construct RNAi fly stocks are currently available.
  • this is not a comprehensive list of all TRiP or all fly RNAi lines available, as other TRiP stocks (e.g. VALIUM22) and other collections (e.g. NIG-Japan and VDRC) are also available for some of these genes. You can use UP-TORR to search all three collections.

We gratefully acknowledge support from ORIP/NCRR R24 RR032668 to N. Perrimon.