TRiP RNAi fly stocks

Access TRiP stocks

  • Order TRiP transgenic fly stocks at the Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center (BDSC)
  • Newly generated stocks are being sent to the BDSC on a regular basis
  • Download an .XLS file of current TRiP stocks, including detailed information on hairpin design and target(s)
  • This list will be updated as new stocks are added to the collection

Search TRiP stocks

  • UP-TORR - Search for TRiP and other public RNAi reagents for your genes
  • Batch Search Tool - Search for multiple genes by Fly Gene Symbol, CG, FBGN, BL Number or TRiP ID with the 
  • RSVP - Search TRiP stocks and obtain qPCR and/or phenotypic validation data with the tool
  • Gene Lookup - Search for TRiP reagents by gene name  

About TRiP stocks


TRiPSoma - For effective RNAi in somatic cells.

  • 1st generation stocks that were made in the VALIUM1 and VALIUM10 vectors using our long double-stranded hairpin approach.
  • 2nd generation stocks constructed in the VALIUM20 vector using short hairpin microRNA technology.

TRiPGermline - For effective RNAi in germline cells.

  • 2nd generation stocks made in the VALIUM20 and VALIUM22 vectors (also VALIUM21 - a variant of VALIUM22).
  • VALIUM20 is effective in both the soma and germline. VALIUM22 and VALIUM21 are exceptional vectors for germline expression of RNAi, but not for the soma.

To learn more about the vector and hairpin design for the TRiP RNAi lines please visit the TRiP in vivo RNAi approach page and the TRiP plasmid vector sets page.


HMJ2 stock instability

All TRiP stocks should be both y+ and v+. The y+ marks the presence of the integration site, while the v+ marks the presence of the UAS-hairpin. A small number of TRiP stocks-those that begin with the prefix HMJ2-have an unstable integration site, and so occasionally lose the y+ marker. This problem was later solved, so other HMJ lines behave normally. Please note that the BDSC does not maintain HMJ2 stocks. They are only available through the Fly Stocks of the National Institute of Genetics, Japan (NIG-Fly). If you intend to use an HMJ2 stock the TRiP recommends that you first select only y+ v+ flies for your experiments.