RSVP-AddFeedback Documentation

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If you are submitting information for a large number of TRiP lines, our staff can do a batch submission after working with you on a file format. To get this started please contact Jonathan Zirin


Please follow the steps below to submit information about one or several TRiP lines using our automated online system. Information will go live following an internal curation step (we will get in touch if there are any questions about a submission).


Go to the RSVP search page and enter the gene name and/or TRiP stock ID.

RSVP feeback step 1


Find the stock and click on the TRiP stock ID to access feedback form.

RSVP feeback step 2



Enter your feedback on the following fields.

RSVP feeback step 3


Contributor (required):
e.g. "Dong Yan and Ralph Neumuller, 2013, unpublished data"
Driver (required):
e.g. "y w; UAS-dcr2; nanos-Gal4" or "Act5c-Gal4"
Driver BDSC (optional):
Bloomington Drosophila Stock Center driver ID e.g. "25751"
Temperature (required):
temperature in Celsius for which the phenotype was observed eg. "27"
qPCR data (optional):
the percent remaining after knock-down by qPCR analysis (not the percent knock-down)
Phenotype? (required):
use the appropriate radio button to indicate if the observed phenotype was as expected or not.
Image (optional):
upload a single image or a zip file containing multiple images
Contributor email (required):
your email address will not be used for any mailing list and it will only be used for follow-up if any questions arise.



Publication to cite and for more information