Navigating our online tools -- orthologs, literature mining, qPCR primers, and so much more!

February 14, 2019
Screenshot of online tools

We have been taking a critical look at how we organize our online tools on the Online Tools Overview page. And more generally, we have been thinking about new ways to spread the word about the many resources in our suite of online tools. One way that we at the DRSC like to think about these tools is how they fit into the start-to-finish order of events in a screen or other experimental project. Various tools help define lists of genes to be studied, help identify reagents for the study, display data sets, support analysis, or facilitate validation. Notably, some tools can be used at multiple points in this workflow. In addition, some tools support queries for multiple species (highlighted in blue on the attached file) and others are Drosophila-specific.

The attached PDF organizes our online tools in this workflow format. We invite you to download the file, click to try out some of the tools you haven't used before, and keep the file handy for future navigation or our suite of online tools. The file includes hyperlinks to the tools included and when available, to YouTube video demos of the online tools. Our most frequently-used tools are included on the file. Please visit the Online Tools Overview page for a full list of our tools. We are working on a more graphical and user-friendly version of this page. As always, your feedback is welcome!

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