Pooled-format CRISPR screens in Drosophila cells

March 22, 2018
Cartoon of essential gene pooled screen (made using BioRender.io)

The DRSC/TRiP-FGR is pleased to support collaborations on pooled CRISPR screens using the method recently, reported in eLife by Viswanatha et al.   From the abstract: "... Here, we developed a site-specific integration strategy for library delivery and performed a genome-wide CRISPR knockout screen in Drosophila S2R+ cells. Under basal growth conditions, 1235 genes were essential for cell fitness at a false-discovery rate of 5% ... We additionally performed context-specific fitness screens for resistance to or synergy with trametinib, a Ras/ERK/ETS inhibitor, or rapamycin, an mTOR inhibitor, and identified key regulators of each pathway. The results present a novel, scalable, and versatile platform for functional genomic screens in low-redundancy animal cells." Interested to design a CRISPR pooled drop-out or selection screen to interrogate a cellular function you are interested in? Please contact the Director S. Mohr. We are actively seeking collaborations on this exciting new approach.

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