"One vs. All" a new feature in our ortholog search tool

October 3, 2016
Multi sequence alignments for ALL search best matches

Our DIOPT ortholog search tool has been updated to include the option to search for orthologs of a gene in all other species included. So you can search with, for example, a fly gene, and see orthologs in human, mouse, rat, frog, worm, and yeast.

Click on the button "show summary of top scores" to see a heat map view of the top-scoring ortholog matches in other species to your query species. This feature helps you see quickly if a gene has been conserved across many species or is, for example, only found in vertebrates.

As always, our tool supports batch-mode searches (you can enter more than one gene at a time) and allows you to download results as a file. 

Feedback on DIOPT and our other online tools is welcome.

Click here for a direct link to the DIOPT ortholog search tool.

DIOPT home page showing the ALL species search option

search results with ALL option (input gene is hedgehog or hh)

Results of an "all" search with Drosophila hh, wg, Atg1, and p53, followed by a click to view the "Summary of Best Scores" heatmap:

Summary of Best Scores following a search with fly hh, wg, Atg1, and p53 genes

And from a best ortholog summary table, you can further link to a view of the domains present in each ortholog and multi-sequence alignment (see here for Hh orthologs). We are working on further improvements and welcome your feedback.

Multi sequence alignments for ALL search best matches