Is it a hit? On mining our data sets.

July 22, 2016
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The DRSC/TRiP-FGR's FlyRNAi database stores results from the many cell-based screens done since 2003 using DRSC Drosophila RNAi libraries. It also stores information about knockdown and phenotypes resulting from specific combinations of in vivo RNAi fly stocks (including our TRiP stocks and also VDRC and NIG-Japan stocks). The in vivo data includes directly deposited data and results curated by FlyBase from the literature.

Even if you are not interested to do a fly RNAi screen, these data might help you. For example, the information might give you insights into gene function (e.g. by seeing in what screens a gene scored) or in selecting which in vivo RNAi fly stocks to use in your project.

We have a number of tools that can help you figure out if a Drosophila gene of interest was a 'hit' in a past cell screen or if there is information regarding knockdown efficiency and/or phenotypes for an existing in vivo RNAi fly stock.

  • Interested to see if a gene was a hit in a cell-based RNAi screen? Start at Gene Lookup.
    • Alternative views of these data? You can also start with an UP-TORR search or view hits for specific screens at Screen Summary.
  • Interested to see if there is knockdown or phenotype data for an in vivo fly stock? Start at RSVP.
    • Alternative views of these data? You can also start with an UP-TORR search and click through to viewRSVP data.
  • Interested in an integrated view of functional relationships among genes? Check out SignedPPI.

We also have portals to some specific data sets at our publications page.

We welcome your feedback on how to improve navigation of existing data. Please use our bug report form to give us your suggestions.