GAL4-UAS in the germline

Second generation VALIUM22 and VALIUM21, and to a lesser extent VALIUM20, shRNA vectors allow effective knockdown during oogenesis, providing an alternative to producing germline clones.

The TRiP recommends the MTD-GAL4 driver for maternal and germline expression of shRNAs

The Maternal Triple Driver (MTD)-GAL4

  • homozygous insertions of three GAL4 constructs
    • P{COG-GAL4:VP16}
      • made by Pernille Rorth (Rorth, 1998)
      • pCOG vector (Robinson and Cooley, 1997) contains a promoter from the otu gene and the 3’ UTR from the K10 gene
      • GAL4:VP16 expression from this transgene is weak or absent in the germarium, and robust beginning in stage 1 egg chambers (Rorth, 1998)
    • P{nos-GAL4-VP16}
      • contains both the promoter and 3’ UTR from the nanos gene (Van Doren et al., 1998)
      • made to achieve maternal loading of GAL4 in order to analyze translation control in pole cells
      • Expressed in ovaries throughout the germarium and in all stages of egg chambers
      • somewhat lower expression in very young egg chambers (~stages 2-6) (Rorth, 1998)
    • P{GAL4-nos.NGT}40
      • contains the nanos promoter and aTub84E 3’ UTR (Tracey et al., 2000)
      • made for maternal loading of Gal4 to drive expression during embryogenesis.
  • together provide robust germline and maternal GAL4 expression
  • genotype is P{COG-GAL4:VP16}; P{Gal4-nos.NGT}40; P{nos-Gal4-VP16}
  • Bloomington stock #31777 

Combinations of these transgenes were first reported by Grieder et al. (Grieder et al., 2000) in their effort to produce uniform expression of Tubulin:GFP in the germarium and in egg chambers. Andrew Hudson in the Cooley lab established a stable homozygous stock dubbed MTD-Gal4, which was published in papers examining germline caspase activity (Mazzalupo and Cooley, 2006) and the function of the ring canal protein made by the hts gene (Petrella et al., 2007).

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