C911 controls

Addressing Off target effects (OTEs) with C911 constructs:

C911 denotes a modified shRNA in which bases 9 through 11 are the complement of the original shRNA. The mismatches are predicted to disrupt on-target binding but preserve seed sequence-mediated OTEs, since the anti-sense and sense seed sequences remain intact

The TRiP generated C911 versions of 15 shRNAs which originally had a hatching defect phenotype

  • As expected, nearly all of the C911 shRNAs hatched at wild-type rates
  • These data suggest that C911 constructs may serve as more suitable controls as compared with common negative control constructs (e.g., constructs expressing eGFP or shRNAs targeting white)
  • For details on C911 construct design and use see Perkins et al., 2015

Relevant publications

Eugen Buehler, Yu-Chi Chen, and Scott Martin. "C911: A Bench-Level Control for Sequence Specific siRNA Off-Target Effects." PLoS One. 2012;7(12):e51942. PubMed ID: 23251657