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Image of an anesthetized male Drosophila fruit fly

DRSC/TRiP presentations from June 2020 Boston Area Drosophila Meeting

June 12, 2020
Did you miss the presentations from Claire Hu and Jonathan Zirin at the June 2020 Boston Area Drosophila Meeting? No problem! The slides can be accessed from this post. Click the title above to view the whole post, then scroll down to access the PDFs. These presentations describe what's new and next in bioinformatics and in vivo technologies at the DRSC/TRiP. Feel free to reach out with questions. Interested in the BAD meeting? Info about the meeting can be found here. Read more about DRSC/TRiP presentations from June 2020 Boston Area Drosophila Meeting
from Figure 1 in Ewen-Campen et al. in Dev Cell

Transgenic Fly Stocks for Double Knockout of Paralog Pairs

May 18, 2020

Paralogs can be defined as related genes within a genome that are thought to arise from gene duplication events. Because paralogous proteins share amino acid identity, they can have redundant functions. But the picture is not necessarily so straightforward. Indeed, there are examples in which paralogous genes have distinct functions in some tissues, and overlapping functions in others.

The DRSC/TRiP is engaged in a project in collaboration with the Perrimon and Bellen labs to generate resources useful for the study of paralogous genes in Drosophila.


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Shut-down in response to COVID-19

March 15, 2020

In adherance with Harvard Medical School's response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the DRSC/TRiP-FGR and DRSC-BTRR will be closing our doors by 5 pm on Wed. March 16.

Services will be unavailable for at least 6-8 weeks but leaders and staff will be reachable by email, and related resources are available at the BDSC and DGRC in Indiana, and at Addgene, and information remains available at this site.

We are focused right now on minimizing the impact of the shut-down on our activities. In the future, we expect to be able to make use of the time to help our research...

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2020 Sep 21

DRSC-BTRR at the GSA Molecular Parasitology Meeting XXXI

Mon Sep 21 (All day) to Thu Sep 24 (All day)


The Drosophila Research & Screening Center-Biomedical Technology Research Resource (DRSC-BTRR) will be represented at the GSA's Molecular Parasitology Meeting XXXI (a virtual event). Look for a presentation by Viswanatha et al. on our work establishing CRISPR knockout screening in mosquito cell lines. Read more about DRSC-BTRR at the GSA Molecular Parasitology Meeting XXXI
2020 Apr 07

4th Annual Genome Editing US Congress (Moved to online)

(All day)


Boston, MA
DRSC/TRiP Director Dr. Stephanie Mohr will be presenting a talk titled "Optimization of CRISPR technologies for development of Drosophila disease models" at the 4th Annual Genome Editing Congress, which is April 7 through 8, 2020, in Boston, MA.
2019 Jul 26

DRSC/TRiP at Society for Developmental Biology 78th Annual Meeting

Fri Jul 26 (All day) to Tue Jul 30 (All day)


Boston, MA, USA
DRSC/TRiP Director S. Mohr will be attending and presenting a poster on fly in vivo functional genomics technologies and bioinformatics resources at the 78th Annual Meeting of the Society for Developmental Biology.