InsulinNet Documentation


How to use InsulinNet

The platform provides access to InsulinNet-PPI (PPI network generated using Tandem Affinity Purification followed by Mass Spectrometry), integrated InsulinNet (PPI network integrated with RNAi and phosphoproteomic data) and a protein complex view of InsulinNet. You can query the proteins in this network with the help of search box.

Search Box:

  • Enter a FlyBase gene ID or gene symbol in the box (you will get suggestions after the 2nd letter you type for ID and symbol).
  • Select and click on your gene of interest from the list.
  • The layout on the left hand side will be refreshed, showing the specific sub-network associated with the gene you selected (query gene and its interacting partners).

Data flow

Building a comprehensive Drosophila insulin signaling network (InsulinNet)

Diagram of information flow for the InsulinNet online software tool

The user interface was built using integrated data from protein-protein interaction (PPI), RNA interference (RNAi), and phosphoproteomics networks, together with cytoscape.js. The JSON files for these networks have a predefined layout and style, including predefined node color, shape, and edge colors. These were exported from Cytoscape and provided as an input to a Cytoscape javascript library in order to create the platform.


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